The rough look of how to make cheese

If you follow this step-by-step instructions, you will see the answer about how to make cheese 🙂

The first step in how to make cheese is to make the milk to a solid mass, the jelly. Here you determine whether it should later become a soft or a hard cheese.

The most important step in how to make cheese is to make from this jelly the break. This gives the cheese the consistence.

This break can now be milked a little more in the whey and get the right consistency before it can be filled into the molds.

The next Step about how to make cheese, is filling the break into the cheese molds and this turns into a blank cheese.

Depending on the type of cheese, i show you how to make cheese more dry by pressing. This can be done to different degrees. Different pressing methods can also be used. The harder you press the more whey comes out and the cheese becomes drier and firmer.

Now you know how to make a blank cheese. This blank cheese has now to be dried and then salted. This way you created a “fresh / young” cheese. After salting, it is dried again and gets a first bark form.

Depending on your taste, the next step of how to make cheese could be to smoke the cheese now or after the maturation.

How to make cheese with its typical character? The maturity is responsible for the cheese getting its shape, color, smell, taste and consistency.

When the maturity of cheese making is complete, the cheese can be smoked, or be eaten or packaged.