Tools and accessories for making cheese

You don’t really need many tools to make cheese. Most of them are already in every well-equipped kitchen. As soon as you know how to make cheese you can start right away 🙂

  • A stove or burner to heat the milk.
  • A large pot made of stainless steel or ceramic for the milk. In order to make cheese really well and easily, the pot should be really big, the bigger, the easier.

pot and burner for cheese

  • A mixing spoon.
  • A cheese harp or a knife or a cake scraper or a whisk to make the curd.
  • A perforated ladle.

ladle whisk spoon

  • A cheesecloth.
  • Cheese molds in different sizes for filling the curd. The shape and size of the cheese itself are very important so that the cheese gets its typical shape and the matching surface and thus maturity.

cheese mold with lid

  • Rennet, whether in liquid or tablet form. Using rennet is the only possibility how to make cheese from milk.
  • A kitchen scale and a letter scale.
  • Ideally, a grid for filling the molds directly above the pot where the break is located. If you only want to make small amounts of cheese yourself, you can fill the molds on the drainer of the sink instead of on the grid. That’s how to make cheese with the smallest efforts.

filling grid for cheese

  • Salt and spices.
  • Lids to cover the forms.
  • A cheese press, stone slices, or a bucket to weigh down the molds so that the whey can be pressed out of the cheese. Using a press is how to make cheese that gets dry and hard when matured.
how to make cheese cheese press
Using a cheese press is how to make cheese that will be hard and firm
  • The ripening cultures depending on the type of ripening: white mold, blue noble mold, or red smear cultures. These cultures are very important to make cheese because only through them the cheese will develop their typical aromas and appearance. 
  • Beeswax or food-safe wax to cover the cheese with it. The best way how to make cheese in a comfortable way.
how to make cheese wax
How to make cheese in a comfortable way is to cover it with wax
  • Depending on which types of cheese are made, it is advisable to have a good and strong vacuum device so that the cheese can be stored long and safely.

When you have all these things, all you need are some recipes and a good guide on how to make cheese and you can start right away.
If you just want to make the simple fresh cheese yourself, you need even fewer tools.